Height Of Sculpture 15 in.
Height Of Gate 9 in.

About a week after Harry and I arrived in the Land of Phann Fooots and Accorn took me to see a very special tree. After a splash in the stream and a run thru the forest we came to where the tree stood. As I looked at it I couldnít believe what I was looking at.
Iíve never seen any tree like it.
There were these two gigantic gates and behind them stood the tree. Fooots explained that the tree was the only one of its kind and it is where they get the blue dust. Fooots said that when the buds get bright blue they are picked and turned into dust. Accorn said the blue dust was used to shrink animals who have been injured in the big world, so they can be taken to the Land of Phann for healing. Once in the Land of Phann, they will not regain their normal size until taken back to their natural environment.
Fooots said this was the same dust that was used to shrink Harry and me.

From the chronicles of Harry and Kodiak
The "Land of Phann"

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