The "Land of Phann" is an idyllic and utopian world of the little people and animals where things work as they should.

The Characters in the Land of Phann
Harry: The Photographer
Kodiak: An Alaskan Malamute Dog
Dybol: The Mediator between the Land of Phann and the outside world
Fooots: The Lopped-eared Rabbit
Accorn: The Squirrel
Wolden: The Head of the Council of Nine
Ohna: Best Berry Cookie Maker in Phann
Jehn: The Builder
Dennon: The Worker

Hello, my name is Kodiak and I am an Alaskan Malamute. Now for those of you who donít know what an Alaskan Malamute is, Iíll tell you. An Alaskan Malamute (thatís me) is a very big and powerful dog. We Malamutes are the oldest breed of Arctic sled dogs. We are named after the Alaskan tribe called the Malamutes. We love the mountains and snow, we love to run and play, and we are very affectionate.

Now let me tell you about Harry, my very best friend. Harry is a photographer. He takes pictures of many different things. One day Harry came out of the cabin where we live and said, "Kodiak , letís go for a walk." I was excited. Going for a walk in the woods means running and playing with all my friends of the forest. It was such a beautiful day. Harry stopped to take some pictures of the alpine flowers. He says that flowers are one of nature's greatest creations. Not only are so beautiful, but each one of them has their own smell. I like to smell the flowers, but sometimes they make me sneeze.

While playing in the stream with my fish friends, I saw Harry looking at something through his camera. He put the camera down, rubbed his eyes, then picked the camera up and looked again. Getting worried, I got out of the stream and walked towards Harry. It was then that I saw what Harry was looking at. At first I thought it was a little animal. Then looking closer I realized it was a little personÖÖ The littlest person Iíve ever seen. Slowly Harry moved towards it. Suddenly there was a big cloud of blue dust. Harry started to shrink smaller and smaller, until he was the size as this little person.

Now I was getting mad. Nobody was going to do this to my best friend and get away it!!! I was just about to grab this little rascal when he blue the same kind of dust into my face. I too started to shrink smaller and smaller. This little guy just looked at us and started laughing. I didnít see what was so funny. I mean itís not everyday you meet some little guy throwing blue dust into your face and you shrink smaller than the grass and flowers.

This little guy finally stopped laughing and stuck out his hand in a friendly gesture and said, "Welcome, my name is Dybol." Harry was a little hesitant, then spoke. "Hello, my name is Harry.

I wasnít going to get too close. I still wasnít too sure about this little guy named Dybol. Dybol told us not to be afraid, that he was friend and was expecting us. Dybol asked us to trust him and follow him, that our questions would be answered later. I wasnít going to go but Harry said it was okay. So I went along just in case Harry got into any trouble. We followed Dybol down a path which led to a little rock door nestled in the side of the mountain. Dybol opened the door and the three of us entered into a tunnel. Now Iíve been in many tunnels, but nothing like this one. It wasnít damp or musty like most, instead it was very clean and pleasant.

Now before I go any further, I will let Harry tell you how I am able to tell you about this adventure.

After Kodiak and I met Dybol, and entered through the rock door, Dybol and I were talking, all of sudden Kodiak joined our conversation! Of course I was speechless. At that point I still wasnít sure I was dreaming or what was going on. And to top it all off, my dog was talking." Dybol noticed my confusion and started laughing. Then he explained that in his land all creatures could talk and understand each other. So this is how Kodiak can talk and tell the rest of this adventure.

"Hi itís me again. Well as I was saying, we were walking through the tunnel, talking to Dybol. Before long we came to the end of the tunnel and looked out at the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Dybol said, "Welcome my friends to the Land of Phann."

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