Height Of Sculpture 17 in.
Height Of Building 12 in.
Height Of Door 2 in.

We entered through seemingly gigantic doors, into a room so beautiful, it was like a forest, but it was inside this building. There were waterfalls, little streams, plants, and flowers everywhere, and the most beautiful music was playing. Then Accorn, who was in his favorite place on top of my head, started hitting me, saying Kodiak upstairs! Come on, letís go!íí Dybol noticed Accorn yelling at me . Dybol said, Accorn, do you think itís about time? Ya Ya replied Accorn, Letís go. So we all started upstairs. The room we came to was so dark , just enough light to see where to walk. There were chairs to sit in. Dybol and Harry sat down. Fooots jumped into Harryís lap and made himself comfortable. I laid down between them and Accorn started fluffing the fur on my head to get comfortable.
The place got so quiet and then the Head of Elders stood up and told the legend of the Box of Colors - that in the past time, the Wise Ones entrusted the Colors to the Elders of Phann. These are the first colors, which all other colors of the world come from. The Colors were sealed in the box and are cared for by the people of Phann, and since the Land of Phann is a place of peace, love, and understanding, the Colors have remained safe. Then the Elder said, as it was at the first and ever will be, let the Colors begin. The room became completely dark, then the Colors started to appear - first red, then blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and all the Colors known to life, just flowing in the air. Then it appeared, glowing with all the beauty in the world, the Box of Colors.

From the chronicles of Harry and Kodiak
The "Land of Phann"

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