Height Of Sculpture 18 in.
Height Of Door 1.5 in.

When Kodiak died in 1986 I was a lost soul. I could not create anymore, since it was Kodiak and I that discovered the Land of Phann, I thought that my visions, or whatever gives me my creative ability, was lost or over.

Almost two years went by and I missed Kodiak so much. One day the phone rang. It was my parents, they asked me what I was going to name my new puppy. My parents said they were sending me a Siberian husky puppy. When he arrived, he had the bluest eyes. Right away I knew his name was Blue and "Blue's Palace" started appearing to me.

What I saw was, this was where Blue came from before he was born, and where he would return to. I then realized that my creative ability was still with me, and so, "Blue's Palace" was created.

Blue and I shared many great years together, I now have one of Blue's sons named Kobear, my dog now, and Blue has returned to his "Palace."

Created by C.L.Pierce Williams and Blue
All copyrights reserved by C.L. Pierce Williams

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